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5 Minutes of Footage From Smash Bros 3DS

New Gameplay Footage From Mortal Kombat X

Review: SteamWorld Dig (Wii U eShop)


When SteamWorld Dig was released as a Nintendo 3DS download, we were all surprised at how awesome it was. The game quickly became a sleeper hit, and received positive scores across the board. The western style game was recently announced to be coming to the Wii U eShop. The new version launches in North America today (August 28th) and thanks to the kind folks at Image & Form, we are able to give you our early analysis. Read on for the review.

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Link and Animal Crossing Villager Announced for Mario Kart 8 DLC

1409088598-4I’ve heard a bunch of people ask if characters outside of the Mario franchise would ever end up in a Mario Kart game.  Originally I thought it was an idea that would never make it, but then I saw this announcement from Nintendo.  Link, Animal Crossing Villager, and Isabelle will be playable characters in paid-DLC in Mario Kart 8.  We’re only getting three new characters from separate franchises, but there will be six new characters in total if you purchase both DLC packs.  The first one comes out this November and includes Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Link, along with 4 new karts and 8 new courses.  The second pack releases May 2015 and adds Villager, Isabelle, Dry Bowser, as well as 4 more karts and 8 courses.  Altogether that’s 6 new characters, 8 new karts, and 16 more courses.  These are pretty meaty updates that totally are worth $7.99 each (or $11.99 together).  How do you get this DLC?  We still have 3 months until the first one goes live, but you can purchase both ahead of time right now by going to the in-game shop or by visiting the Wii U eShop.  While you’re waiting for this new content, be sure to take advantage of the free Mercedes-Benz DLC pack that went live in the game this morning!  Also, if you go ahead and purchase one or both of the new packs, you’ll get 8 new colors for Yoshi and Shy Guy as a bonus.

New Screenshots Surface from PS4′s Tearaway Unfolded


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Koei Tecmo’s Fatal Frame Wii U Box Art is Awesome

fatal_frame_wii_u_box_artNot only does Japan get a lot of games first, but they also get the coolest box art.  Above is the recently revealed package artwork for Nintendo and Koei Tecmo’s Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden on Wii U.  As you can see, the Wii U logo is darkened and the box is black instead of blue.  We get red cases for most Mario games, so why can’t we get these black cases too?  Fatal Frame Wii U hasn’t yet been announced for regions outside of Japan, but seeing as how this system lives off of exclusives, I’m sure we’ll see a confirmation of the game’s localization in the next few weeks.  What do you think of this box art?

Watch the Launch Trailer to Destiny

Check Out These Alternate Costumes for Zero Suit Samus in Smash Bros.


Looks familiar, huh?  In another daily Miiverse post by Smash Bros. series producer Masahiro Sakurai, two alternate costumes were confirmed for Zero Suit Samus.  If you have gotten to the end of Metroid: Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission, you will recognize these outfits right away.  These new additions will be available on both the Wii U and 3DS versions.  Here’s what Sakurai said:

Looking at the number of days we have left for development, it would be an impossible task to create this… That’s what I told my staff. But thanks to the determination of her female designer, these Zero Suit outfits got completed in time. From the ending of Metroid: Zero Mission, here’s Samus in shorts!


Here’s a look at the 3DS version. You can use the same outfit variations in both the 3DS and Wii U versions.

Review: The Last Of Us Remastered (PS4)

res_751911e58d5f561cf3458aad33f7bc8fNothing Short Of Perfect.

Alright, so I’m not going to act like this is a brand new game and go into great amounts of detail about the story. Ports seem to be the flavor of the current console generation, which seems baffling to me. Why would I want to play a game I played already, twice? Oh and I left out the part where you pay full price all over again. This is a game that has been scaled up and ported for the next generation PS4 console. So instead of the story I’m going to focus solely on the new improvements. If you are interested in learning more about The Last Of Us storyline and other key points I’d suggest reading Colin Moriarty’s IGN review. In the meantime, lets get into the details of The Last Of Us Remastered. Continue reading

Watch The 2014 Pokèmon World Championship Here on Charged Gamer!

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