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Wily Castle from Mega Man II Confirmed For Smash Bros. 3DS

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Today on Miiverse, Super Smash Bros. producer Masahiro Sakurai revealed that Mega Man II’s Wily’s Castle is not only coming to Wii U, but also to the 3DS version.  This is great news since the majority of stages on Wii U and 3DS are exclusive to that version.  There are a few other stages (like Battlefield and Final Destination) that are going to be on both versions.  The developers aren’t halfway porting this stage either; even the Yellow Devil is coming to the 3DS edition.  The only obvious difference (other than the graphical downgrade) is that it is daytime, opposed to the night backdrop on Wii U.  Here’s what Sakurai says:

“In general, there are completely different stages in the 3DS and Wii U version, but we made Wily Castle and the special boxing ring available for both versions!  We didn’t forget the Yellow Devil either,” he added. “There may be some small differences in the stages, such as the 3DS stage appearing to be during daylight hours.”

Agnès Returns to Bravely Second

1406121621-bravely-default-flying-fairy-agnesI’ve been playing a lot of Bravely Default recently, so was glad to know that one of the game’s main characters, Agnès, is returning in the sequel.  A recent Famitsu scan confirms her appearance in Bravely Second.  Back in 2013 the Japanese version was said to be 30% complete, and we still don’t have a set release date.  Seeing how long it took for the first game to hit North America and Europe, I’d say we’ll have to wait until at least 2015 for the sequel to hit the West.  Agnès plays a very important role in Bravely Default, so we can only imagine what is in store for her in the highly anticipated sequel.

The Luigi Death Stare Makes a Cameo in Mario Kart 8 Trailer

THE LUIGI DEATH STARE.  It’s everywhere.  We’ve seen it on the news, on T-shirts, and all over the internet.  The meme originated in Mario Kart 8 when players saw Luigi’s face when he passed other racers.  Every time I see Luigi pass me in a race, I picture him glaring at me with those intimidating eyes, and possibly flipping the bird before zooming away.  There hasn’t been much public recognition from Nintendo until this new Japanese commercial surfaced.  In the trailer above, you’ll see slow motion clips of a few Mario Kart 8 racers passing by, with the death stare making a cameo towards the end.  This isn’t the biggest news in the world, but it just makes me happy to see Nintendo embracing such a hilarious meme in their own game.

Review: Crimsonland (PS4/PC)

art_bgHalf-Baked Violence.

When it comes to twin stick shooters there is a large community of games that try to attempt this genre.  Many of them fail horribly and the ones that are good are generally highly praised, Resogun comes to mind in this case. However with Crimsonland I can’t help but feel at a loss for words because I see where the direction was going but somewhere the idea got over complicated and lost. Continue reading

Star Fox Assault Stage: Confirmed for Smash Bros. Wii U

star_fox_stage_smash_bros_wii_uA brand new stage was announced yesterday for the Nintendo Wii U version of Super Smash Bros.  Series producer Masahiro Sakurai loves to reveal new characters by way of his daily pictures on Miiverse, so we got our first look at it this morning when the post went live.  The level will be based on GameCube’s Star Fox: Assault.  As you can see, it looks similar to the past Star Fox stages, which have until now been taken from Star Fox 64.  Here’s what Sakurai said about the new stage:

Pic of the day. Here’s the Great Fox from Star Fox: Assault. I wonder what missions it will conduct. It’ll probably have fighters running around on top of it without the pilot’s consent.

Bungie Explains Why Destiny Isn’t Cross-Platform

battleground_desktop_1There has been a lot of talk surrounding the upcoming sci-fi shooter Destiny, with the beta launching on July 23rd.  The game is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on September 9th.  For those wondering why the game isn’t supporting cross-platform play, Bungie engineer Roger Wolfson says that it’s all about the perception of fairness due to the rather obvious difference between last and next-gen consoles:

“Regardless of where the reality is, there’s definitely a perception among gamers that better hardware means you have an advantage,” Wolfson explained. “We don’t want to have to enter that fray, so to create the best, most level playing field, both actually and perceptually, we separated it by platform.”

Pretty straightforward.  Basically there are things that previous generation platforms (360/PS3) can’t handle, so the developers would be forced to cut back on the next-gen versions in order to support cross-platform play.  Only two more days until we will be able to visit this new universe for the first time.   More news on the upcoming Destiny beta is on the way!

Bill Trinen Shares an Inspiring Story From His Early Days at Nintendo Treehouse

amiibo-collection-bill-trinen-wiiu-nintendoBill Trinen is the Director of Product Marketing at Nintendo of America, but most of you know him as Shigeru Miyamoto’s translator.  He’s been working with Nintendo for about 16 years (since 1998) and he’s watched Nintendo Treehouse grow from just two people to the massive team it is today.  Trinen recently sat down with Siliconera to talk about the origins of this talented team.  How did get his job at Nintendo?  Continue reading for his story! Continue reading

Camp Miiverse Community is Now Open for Special Challenges

wiisportsu-baseballIf you own a Wii U, then you probably visit Miiverse every now and then.  This built-in global community allows Nintendo fans to come together and post their gameplay experiences and interact with others who have played the same games.  Nintendo has released a new community on Miiverse this weekend called Camp Miiverse.  The details are limited at the time of writing, but we do know that challenges will be presented from a list of selected games, and users will be able to beat the challenges and post on the game’s respective community.  In order to beat the challenge, you have to own the game.  Here’s what the community moderator (Tom) had to say. Continue reading

15 Games You Should Be Playing Before the Next Smash Bros.

daily-en (3)It’s been a long time coming, but later this year we get to play the new Super Smash Bros. games on 3DS and Wii U. We are continuing to see character announcements every few weeks, but even if the Smash team stopped where they are right now, the playable roster is pretty big. (36 at the time of writing.) I know there are still a lot of characters from previous games that we are waiting to hear about, but as far as numbers go, its getting good. We still have three months between now and the launch of the 3DS version (October 3rd).  The Wii U version is coming this holiday season. If you’re anything like me, then you need something to tie you over until then. Here’s a list of games to play while waiting for Smash 4! Continue reading

Nintendo Download Hightlights – July 17th [NA]


A rather uneventful week for Nintendo Downloadable content. Mr. Driller is the most appealing thing to me to debut so far on this list. Athough Steamworld Dig is worth picking up at 50% off as well as the Atlus games that will be going on sale. Hopefully next week will bring in more titles for 3DS and Wii U owners to buy. What will you be picking up this week? Continue reading

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