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EA To Start a Sort of Gaming Netflix

EAgamesElectronic Arts has been around since the early days of gaming, bringing us our sports adventures to our gaming realm. They’ve brought out a few revolutionary ideas that changed the face of gaming, and now they’re trying to bring out an entirely new feature! Essentially, their plan is a subscription-based games program, allowing any Xbox  One users to access any number of games in their pre-set library for only $4.99 a month (or the fantastic deal of $29.99 each year). The cheap price is probably associated with the small list of games that are available as of now, which includes FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Battlefield 4, and Peggle 2. EA is hoping to begin a system where you don’t have to download any software or carry around any discs, and hopefully this can become a reality in just a few months!

Source: Cnet

Here’s a Load of Mirror’s Edge 2 Pictures!

Mirror'sEdge2.17Mirror’s Edge 2 is DICE’s parkour jumpy game that will bring in combat to their original title idea. We’ve got some awesome pictures of the title from the amazing Dead End Thrills. Check out some of the shots from title after the break! Continue reading

You Can Watch the Next World Pokémon Tournament! (Also, outrageous prizes!!!)

o-POKEMON-WORLD-CHAMPIONSHIPS-facebookGames often become very competitive, more often than not increasing to the point of tournaments beginning to prove once and for all who is superior on a certain console and in a certain game. Pokémon is one of these titles that extremely promotes competition, trainers wanting to prove their team is vastly superior to any challengers. Well, the big one is coming up, The World Pokémon Championship starts August 15th in Washington D.C. with challengers arriving with both cards and Pokémon X and Y cartridges. Along with chances to play in future tournaments, these kids can win a total of $100,000 in scholarships! I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.

Source: Pokémon Website

If you want to watch this tournament as it happens and be a part of the action, you can watch it right here!

A Little Information on an Upcoming League of Legends Champion

Riot Games is beginning to show a little bit of an upcoming champion, named Gnar,who will be making his way onto the League of Legends scene. We don’t have a lot of information besides a teaser posted by Riot. What we see is apparently Gnar with his family or community, then a great beast of some sort, only for Gnar to appear into a great beast, leaving a desolate landscape in our last shot. This leads us to believe that Gnar will perhaps be a Yordle with a transformation ability, allowing him to defeat even the toughest of enemies without sacrificing speed should he also need to run across the map to assist a teammate. Whether this is the case or not, this Champion should definitely be an exciting play.

Square Enix Loses a Team Member

Final-Fantasy-XIV-beta-10Square Enix has been losing a lot of their main staff in the past few years, most of the team heading out to make games on their own, or leading a smaller team to take more control over the games they make. Recently, the CTO of the gaming giant, Yoshihisa Hashimoto, took that step in leaving, only giving that he was leaving for personal reasons. CTO, by the way, is Chief of technology, meaning he oversees all the guys who make the game work when you hit buttons. One must wonder if there will be any change to the games’ setup in the future, but we can be certain the quality will stay in our beloved games, even without Hashimoto’s hand in things.

Source: Polygon

MLG Joins the Fight to Clean Up Online Gaming

MW2SoapIf you keep up with the Charged Gamer site, you’ll have seen our post about how League of Legends recently dealt out some serious punishment to a team who deployed troll tactics to hold their power over their opponents. This is just one aspect of the extremely toxic environment that exists with many competitive online team games. MLG, or Major League Gamers, had a certain Call of Duty player named Aches suspended from four upcoming tournaments in the FPS. The details of his suspension are mysterious, but an idea of his mannerisms is displayed in one of his tweets discussing MLG’s streaming policy:

It’s simply just MLG being vindictive, power-hungry, spineless, manipulative, and probably a tad upset we told them to **** off.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Gets a Price!

ToadTrackerWe heard about this game at this year’s E3, a great journey involving our long-time supporting mushroom friend finally taking the center stage, shinning in his own spotlight. It is, of course, a lot like the title Super Mario 3D World, especially the toad minigames that were loaded with puzzles and Wii U gamepad interactions. If you’re wondering what you’ll have to shovel out for this adventure, that depends on where you’re shopping. The E3 approved Target, Amazon, and Bestbuy have the title listed for $59.99. BUT, if you switch over to Kmart, you could pick the title up for a cheaper $39.99. That’s food money right there!

Skylander’s Trap Team for Wii Comes with a Wii U Download Code

SkylandersTrapTeam2The Skylander’s figurine based series has been long-running, if nothing else. I mean, it is an innovative idea that’s only been used a few places in Japan, to have a physical object that you bring into your virtual world, customizing your experience even if you leave your memory card sticks in your other pants! However, it can become very costly buying all your characters in addition to the software and any hardware you need to play. Some gamers like to play a title across every platform it’s available on, and that only increases the costs! Amazon is helping that group, though, by offering a free Wii U download codes for any consumers who pick up a copy of the game for Wii, which seems to be a fantastic deal to promote the Wii U, but one has to wonder what true value the gamer gets by having the same game in two places.

Source: Twitter

7 Electronic Worlds That Will Feature The Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Movie-Production-ArtIf you’ve been to any store that specializes in the more nerdy features of the world, you’ve more than likely seen the many merchandise created for the movie The Guardians of the Galaxy based on the 2008 comic, especially Rocket the raccoon’s face simply plastered onto everything. Well, the virtual world is not safe from the barraging we witness in the physical one. To prove it, here’s seven online environments that feature the team from the Marvel movie! Continue reading

Walking Dead Season 3 Announced!

clembloodTelltale games has been busy with their recent titles (The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season 2), which have been simply brilliant, grab the edge of your seat, wonder what’s going to happen next stories. Well, the Walking Dead hasn’t quite met its end just yet because recently at Comic Con, Telltale has announced that there will be a third series installment of the amazing series! The details are very vague at this point, including when the games will be released, but we are very excited to see what will be coming up from this genius company!

Source: San Diego Comic Con 2014
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