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Week 3 of the “Super Smashing” Sale Starts Today

Super Smashing Week 3With only about two weeks left until Super Smash Bros. hits Nintendo 3DS in North America and Europe, Nintendo has started another week-long sale for games starring characters from the all-star roster.  This week we have sales on games from the Pokémon and Metroid series, as well as Wii Fit U.  To take advantage of these great deals (up to 39% off), be sure to check out the link below and check out both the Wii U and 3DS eShops.

Source: Nintendo

Japan: New Bravely Second Screenshots Reveal New Characters

Watch the First 15 Minutes of Destiny

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Gets Revealed By Capcom as An Episodic Series

Resident Evil Revelations 2Resident Evil Revelations was originally released on 3DS in 2012 (and last year on home consoles).  It was by far my favorite game in the series to date.  Last month we saw rumors of a sequel on the horizon, and that it was skipping Nintendo platforms altogether.  Dang, that sucks.  Today, we have an official announcement of Resident Evil Revelations 2.  The story takes a break from the lives of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield and marks then long-awaited return of Claire Redfield.  Accompanying her on this new survival-horror adventure is newcomer Moira Burton, daughter of Barry Burton from previous RE games.  The game will be released digitally as an episodic series, with the first chapter going live early next year.  Read on for the rest of the details. Continue reading

Check Out a New Overview Trailer From Fatal Frame Wii U

Goodness, I really hope this game hits North America.  Nintendo of Japan brings us another trailer to the horror game, Fatal Frame 5.  If you want a look at what the game is like, this is a great video to watch.  What do you think?

Finally! Ubisoft Gives Watch_Dogs a Wii U Release Date

Character-trailer-media-home_142215Sure, Ubisoft published Watch_Dogs on on basically every system last May, but we’ve been waiting on the Wii U version.  For a little bit, we thought the port would be canceled.  Sure enough, I woke up this morning to see news of a release date.  In North America the game launches on November 20th, followed by a November 21st release in Europe.  The game is developed by Ubisoft Bucharest, with the help of Ubisoft Montreal.  Apparently the game has been tailored to fit the Wii U hardware.  Hopefully the sales do well since a lot of people who wanted this game have already played it on another console.

Japan: Check Out the Package Art for the New 3DS

new_nintendo_3ds_packagingHere it is: The first look at the Japanese box art for the New Nintendo 3DS!  For those of you who missed the announcement, the New 3DS is a huge upgrade to previous models that adds a second circle pad, extra shoulder buttons, and stronger systems specs that make it capable of running bigger games.  The first title announced exclusively for this brand new system is Xenoblade Chronicles, a massive RPG originally released on Wii.  We got the first look at the system last week, but today is the first time we’ve seen the package art.  The background on the box looks to be showing some of the panels you can add to the front and back of the system. (Yeah, you can do that!)  What do you think of the box?

“Bad Blood” DLC Coming to Watch_Dogs Later This Month

1409763966-wdbb-eugeneWatch Dogs has only been out for four months, and we’re still waiting on the Wii U version, but we already have an announcement for new DLC.  Bad Blood takes you through 10 new missions in the shoes of T-Bone Grady, a quirky hacker.  Those who took advantage of the season pass will get this DLC pack a week ahead of the launch date of September 30th.  Check out the new trailer and some more details after the break. Continue reading

Review: Tappingo 2 (3DS eShop)

scr005 (1).png

Last February, we posted a review for Tappingo, a puzzle game on the 3DS eShop by Goodbye Galaxy Games.  Fast-forward seven months and we’re already reviewing Tappingo 2!  The first game turned out very well, but what about this one?  Find out after the break. Continue reading

5 Minutes of Footage From Smash Bros 3DS

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