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7 Electronic Worlds That Will Feature The Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Movie-Production-ArtIf you’ve been to any store that specializes in the more nerdy features of the world, you’ve more than likely seen the many merchandise created for the movie The Guardians of the Galaxy based on the 2008 comic, especially Rocket the raccoon’s face simply plastered onto everything. Well, the virtual world is not safe from the barraging we witness in the physical one. To prove it, here’s seven online environments that feature the team from the Marvel movie! Continue reading

Walking Dead Season 3 Announced!

clembloodTelltale games has been busy with their recent titles (The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season 2), which have been simply brilliant, grab the edge of your seat, wonder what’s going to happen next stories. Well, the Walking Dead hasn’t quite met its end just yet because recently at Comic Con, Telltale has announced that there will be a third series installment of the amazing series! The details are very vague at this point, including when the games will be released, but we are very excited to see what will be coming up from this genius company!

Source: San Diego Comic Con 2014

Google to Aquire Twitch (AKA, Youtube All Over Again)

twitch-tv-botWe all know of Google’s power-hungry quest to conquer the internet, one vastly popular social networking site at a time. However, the company often seems like a high powered CEO buying a game store because it’s “hip with the young audience,” changing the face of whatever company they’ve purchased in ways that alter the experience that originally made the business popular! While this may not be necessarily bad, it is definitely awkward at least for a time (like in the case of the new Youtube comment system!) Twitch, the popular game streaming social media, may be the next step in Google’s internet dominance. With the common bugs you hear about watching common Twitch streamers, we must wonder how much Google will worsen these issues before they reach their own integrated equilibrium.

Source: GBR

The Last of Us Moves to the Silver Screen

LastOfUSMovWe all get a little bit worried when movies becomes games, and the opposite is a little less concerning but still somewhat so. 2013′s GOTY The Last of Us is going to be the premise of a film written by the director of the game itself (Neil Druckmann)! It’s also going to be produced by Sam Raimi of Xena fame. Ellie, our young, too cool for school hero from the game, is rumored to be played by Maisie Williams! A lot of star power already, and it will only grow! Stay tuned for more information on this amazing film!

Source: Kotaku

Check out after the break for an advertising poster from the film! Continue reading

GameStop Trade-ins Are More of a Secret Than You’d Think

used-games-gamestopWe’ve all seen the jokes centered around GameStop, desks full of games, stacked high enough to block from view the workers stacked on each others’ shoulders, a brilliant banner across the bottom reading “And I got a whole $3.29!” Despite these memes flooding the interwebs, apparently around 60% of the people that walk into GameStop don’t know you can sell back your old games for cash or credit. This is set to be GameStop’s marketing focus because of the large amount of profit from GameStop comes from reselling used games.

Source: GameStop

Battlefield: Hardline Developer Speaks on Blessings of Delays

BattlefieldHardlineVisceral Games is currently in the development of the next installment of the well recognized and respected Battlefield series. Not more than a week ago, Battlefield: Hardline was pushed back to 2015, a great sadness befalling the FPS community. This isn’t uncommon in the gaming community, many companies have made it a regular event to move back the release date with slight disappointment from the eager fans. At Comic-Con, a Visceral Games developer was asked why the game was pushed back so far after hitting Beta previously. The response had a rather “Always look on the bright side” theme.

“Over time, games are living longer and longer and becoming bigger and bigger, and you only get one chance to come out… When I think about the great games I remember, I had long relationships with them. I don’t remember when they came out, who cares? If it’s great enough, it’ll transcend all that.”

Source: Gamespot

The Dangers Associated With Well-Equipped Cosplay

DeadpoolOnABenchWe live in a very dangerous world, and as a result, our citizens (of the world) tend to suspect the worst of each other. Most often, if there is no cause for alarm, chaos can still ensue just from assumptions of ill will. These become even worth if there is any show of violent probability, like with a certain Australian Cosplayer who dressed as the legendary Deadpool. Though his weapons consisted of plastic, the alarm of each passerby was one of shock and fear. The great irony: He was headed to a charity event, participating in doing good for the community, when he was pointed out as an immediate danger to society. While this is quite an intriguing situation, if you do see someone equipped with dangerous or illegal weapons, please report them to the authorities, no matter how great their costume is.

Source: Kotaku

Witcher 3 Devs Talk Sex in Gaming

Witcher 2Since the world of video games began to take a focus on adult gamers, male gamers everywhere (and a few female) have asked one important question: What about sex? This causes an outrage in the gaming community as to the level of corruption that should be allowed in games, or just how much we can shove into a game without distracting from the main point of the game. CD Projekt Red, the development team behind The Witcher series addresses this taboo issue head on! Their conclusion is as follows:

“The key thing is not to overdo it, not to sell your game with sex. As long as you remain tactful in what you do, as long as you have a legitimate reason to put sex in your game, I think it’s quite safe to do so.”

So there you have it! The Witcher 3 will feature a healthy dosage of sex (which, let’s face it, is unavoidable in our cultural landscape) but will be set in appropriate points of the game, not stealing away from the quality of the game itself!

Source: Playstation Lifestyle

New Peggle In Development From PopCap

peggle-2Casual gamers rejoice! Peggle is a fantastic little game released in 2007, but then disappeared for a little while before returning summer of 2013 with Peggle 2! The casual style hit a sweet spot with the 2013 market, apparently, as developer PopCap has already announced a new Peggle game that is in the testing phase and should be making its way to market. High hopes are held for this new development in the Peggle franchise, but only time will tell if our hopes are met!

Source: IGN

Review: Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty (PS4)

Oddworld - New 'n' Tasty - Charged GamerA Tasty Remaster.

Remastering games is usually a good thing, bringing back games we knew oh too well as children and bringing them to the future for the next generation to enjoy. Lately though it has been an excuse for a developer to squeeze out a slightly shinier turd that was sold to you for $60 bucks last year for yet again for another $60. Now while there are exceptions to this clause I tend to generally avoid these “remasters” unless its a game a haven’t played. Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty however hasn’t been seen in a long time; the game remasters the original 1997 version of New ‘n’ Tasty. In this sense however the word “remaster” is used in the wrong way, which would be assuming they just polished assets and slapped on a new a sticker. This time around its evident to see that it is a complete rebuild and adjustment to the original gameplay. Unfortunately for me (or you depending on how you see it) I never played the original, so while many reviews will be filled with nostalgic bias, mine will be a first time opinion of the game. So sit back, open a can of Gabbiar, and lets delve in Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty. Continue reading

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